Artist Statement
Welcome to my web site!

The art that I produce whether it be watercolor, oil or pastel challenges me to create a work that is colorful and bathed in beauty and simplicity.  I want people to see behind the creation.

I believe as an artist that one shares our gift with others whether it be through art or music. I am also a musician, and when I perform for an audience I want to share the music with them, and I feel the same way with visual art.

I am mostly a self-taught artist, but inherited my creativity from my mother.
She opened the world of art to me, and  I have achieved more than I ever thought.  I have had to raise a family, and take care of a family business, and feel that now it is time for me to develop my creativity to the fullest.

I am represented in many different venues, and my artwork is loved and appreciated by many.

Dianne Impallaria

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